001 Best exhibit in show, Bentley Trophy, 12 mediu

National Chrysanthemum Society


Neath Late 2012

Jim Prosser best medium Jap Class 18 Neath Late Show 2012

Howard Thomas 1st prize class26 Neath lste show 20
Ivor Mace 1st prize Lancashire Lad Neath late show

Ivor Mace 1st Prize Lancashire Lad Neath Late Show 2012

Jim Prosser best multi vase class4 Neath late show

Howard Thomas 1st Prize Class 26 Neath Late Show 2012

Jim Prosser best multivase  Class 4 Neath Late Show 2012

Howard Thomas certificate of merit fairweather Nea

Howard Thomas  Neath Late Show 2012 Certificate of merit Fairweather

John Letts best vase fantasies class 11 Neath late

John Letts  best vase fantasies class 11Neath Late Show 2012

John Letts1st prize class16 Neath late show 2012
Ken Morgan 1st prize sheila coles class9 Neath lat
Phillip Little best anemone class21 Neath late sho
Howard Thomas fairweather silver medal Neath late
Cyril Powell class1 coral pat miller Neath late sh
Terry Beynon certificate of merit class 1 Neath la
Vic Marchant class1 jeff amos Neath late show 2012

Howard Thomas Fairweather Silver Medal Neath Late Show 2012

Cyril Powell Class 1 Coral Pat Millar Neath Late Show 2012

Terry Benyon Certificate of Merit Class 1 Neath Late Show 2012

Vic Marchant Class 1 Jeff Amos Neath Late Show 2012

Ken Morgan Class 9 Sheila Coles

1st Prize Neath Late Show 2012

Philip Little best Anemone Class 21 Neath Late Show 2012

John Letts 1st Prize Class 16

Neath Late Show 2012

Ivor Mace Silver medal Neath late show 2012

Ivor Mace Silver Medal Neath Late Show 2012

All Photographs supplied by Terry Williams