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                                                   Would exhibitors please note!                                     Post 20/08/2020

The following classes were omitted from the Early Show schedule


( “c” Cultivars as listed in 2011 Register supplement)

48           Three vases “c” cultivars, Five blooms per vase, a distinct Cultivar per vase, at    least two distinct cultivars.

             Trophy, Silver Medal


49           Three vases “c” cultivars, Three blooms per vase, a distinct Cultivar per vase, at least two distinct cultivars.

             Trophy, Silver Medal

                             Early and Late National Shows                                       Post 29/08/2020


As a Society we are doing all we can to be able to stage our Early and Late National shows, but the Government regulations at that time will determine if we are able to hold the shows.

There may be different criteria for the Early and late shows., but the Early show has to be members only and not open to the public.

There are minimum conditions that we need to comply with at present.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times

Everyone attending the shows must have a face covering at all times, when inside the venue.

Temperatures will be checked on everyone at arrival

A register of all those attending must be kept.

Gloves will be worn by judges, stewards and anyone working at the show.

There will be extra PPE on those who are working at the show.

We have to make sure that the show is COVID 19 compliant and you must follow all the signs that are posted in the show and staging areas

There may be a restriction on numbers allowed in the venue at one time, so exhibitors may wish to pre stage their blooms before attending the show. We may need to manage staging times.

Hand washing and sanitiser will be available.

The show manager will be in contact with all exhibitors who have entered the show if conditions need to be changed.

In light of all the measures we are putting in place, the Stafford showground are at present content for the event to go ahead.

Keep a watch on our Web site for updates.


Photos are now on the website for the Early Show

     National Chrysanthemum Society

  Project 2020 – Re-organisation Update

29th August 2020                

Dear Member,


We hope you will understand and appreciate that in this very difficult and unprecedented year, there being a delay to the production and posting of your Year Book. However, these unforeseen delays have provided us with opportunities to add progressive updates on changes emerging from our Project 2020 initiative. We are keen to do what we can to keep the membership informed of progress and hope you will understand how challenging this year has been for everyone.


We would like to assure you that we have been working hard and meeting regularly via Zoom to ensure we are focussed on doing the right things for the Society. Our administrative activities (Affiliations, Finance, Memberships & Sales) in particular were felt to need timely consolidation, the existing structure has served us well for more than a decade, but the Society is now much smaller and facing very different challenges. Over the past few weeks the Management Team have been working to ensure that we have the right Management Structure to meet the challenges we face over the coming decade and in particular realise the ambitions of Project 2020.


Amidst the Covid Crisis it has not been possible to hold AGM’s or EGM’s in person, but the Executive have been regularly involved in the progressive development and approval of a new structure (via Zoom) and on Thursday 27th August agreement was attained for the 2021 Management Team. An AGM will be convened as soon as it becomes viable to review and approve the necessary amendments to the Society Rule book.


We will commence the progressive transition of responsibilities immediately and need to be fully functioning before 1st January 2021 with the following Management Team -


•General Secretary (NB:- includes 2021 Membership)   Barry Hogg

•Shows Manager       Terry Porter

•Publications Manager      Ken Dear

•Floral Manager      Richard Watson

•Promotions Manager      John Peace

•Business Development Manager       Jim Vickerman


Both Dr Graham Barclay and Dr Dorothy Spencer, who both feature prominently on our Roll of Honour continue as members of the Executive, and we sincerely thank them for their hard work and contribution to the management of the Society over many years.

     National Chrysanthemum Society

        Project 2020 - Gentech Update


Dear Member,


You will read in the Year Book that in line with the 2019 Trustee’s Report, the Management & Executive have launched a full review of the Society’s future, and under Project 2020 adopted four workstreams to protect and enhance the Society.


The Affordability workstream is the most advanced and aims to half the annual financial deficit for 2021 and beyond, as such matters are moving at a pace. We have looked closely at the costs and membership uptake of the Gentech Project and recently decided to bring NCS funding to a halt.


Accordingly, the following six cultivars only will be supported until the end of March 2021, please note that availability will be limited, so please order early.


•John Wingfield

•Pink John Wingfield

•Salmon John Wingfield


•Rita Fox

•Kay Woolman


The cost of Gentech treated stock:-


£3.50 per plant, plus £10 Special Delivery postal service


Please send orders with cheque payable to the National Chrysanthemum Society to:-


Dr Graham Barclay

4 The Lane, Mursley, Milton Keynes

Buckinghamshire, MK17 0RY


The NCS has issued the following documents for members

Gentech 2020 pdf file Re-organisation 2020 pdf file

PDF files are below for your records

VIRTUAL SHOW 1 VIRTUAL SHOW 2 Exhibitor card for virtual show

Please print if possible or write required details on a sheet of plain paper.