Cultivar Review

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Cultivar Review 2015


Woolmans Venture and Sport - No change. Still 14b
Jack Wood - Changed from 25a to 25b
Seatons Galaxy - Changed from 10a to 10a/2
Salhouse Dream - Changed from 10a to 10a/2
Connie Mayhew - No change. Still 5a
McDowell - No change. Still 2
Shirley McMinn and Sports - Still under review in 2015
Chessington and Sports - Primrose now 25a. All others still 25b


Susan Kate - 25b to 25a
Pomander - 15b to 15a
Dawn Run - 2 to 4a
Lava - 10a to 10a/2
Tutu - 10a to 10a/2
Shirley McMinn and Sports - 15a to 15b


Arthur Ellis S. Oldham 2013 25b Y Change to 15b. Add PD/E
Burnett J, Nevill 2012 2 LB Add PD/E
Charlie S. Oldham 2011 24b W Add PD/E
Cheyenne A.C. Brook 2006 7a DR Change to 2 DR
Edward Shaw W. Florentine 1993 5a LP Add DM/E
Esther Barnes A.C. Brook 2013 2 LS Add PD/E
Jimmy Simpson G. Dowson 2009 25a LB Should be 25b
Judy Dakin G. Dowson 2011 25b Y Delete from register
Marjorie Barnes A.C. Brook 2013 2 LP Add PD/E
Mary Brownbridge W. Bahn 2013 29e Cr Add PD/E
Millie E. Anderton 2013 6b LP Now Anderton Millie
Rebecca Read R. Coles 2010 7b P Add DM/E
Rita Fox F. Fox 2009 25b W Change to 15b
Schimitar J, Nevill 2009 2 OC Should be Scimitar 1
Yellow Natalie Sarah F. Charlton 2013 29d Y Raisers should be V.Killshaw/L. Hunter

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