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National Chrysanthemum Society

About the National Chrysanthemum Society

The special object of the Society shall be to promote the cultivation of the Chrysanthemum,

(i) by means of exhibitions, conferences, Judges courses and lectures,

(ii) by awarding Certificates of Merit and Medals at exhibitions of the society,

(iii) by the issue of such publications as from time to time may be deemed necessary.

The National Chrysanthemum Society was founded in 1846 at Stoke Newington in England.


This is the website for the Society giving information about the benefits and cost of membership, details of forthcoming events, Society merchandise, publications and much more.

Object of the Society

Formed in 1846 it is no surprise the society has gone through many changes over the years.  The NCS has a strong enthusiastic  management team, fully commited to the improvement of the society.  

Management Team


The Vice Chairman Chairs this Committee

Excutive Committee

Nine elected and Six Regional Group Representatives

Bernie Liddle

Trevor Lawrence


Daphne Hogg

Ngaire Hall


Martyn  Bryans


Vin Aldred


Regional Representatives

The Society keeps in touch with members through a network of six Regional Group Representatives, organised on a geographical basis. Each Group Representative is elected by the members of the respective Group committee and as such, becomes a Trustee of the National Chrysanthemum Society thereby holding a voting position on the Society's  Executive Committee.


A Group Rep may also be an elected member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of six Representatives from the Provincial Groups and nine elected members.


The members of the Society normally elect three Executive Committee members each year at the Annual General Meeting. In normal circumstances each elected member will serve for three years and must then stand for re-election or stand down.


Each elected member becomes a Trustee of the Society and holds a voting position on the Society's  Executive Committee.


In addition, any member who has been awarded the Society's Gold Medal can attend and contribute to Executive Committee meetings but does not hold a voting position. Holders of the Society's highest award the 'Associate of Honour' may also attend and contribute to Executive Committee meetings with the power to vote.


Members may be co-opted to Committee at any time should the need arise.


Roger Brownridge John Peace



John Letts


john-letts Terry Porter Richard Watson

Colin Parkes


vin-aldred Ngaire Hall Daphne Hogg Trevor Lawrence Jackie Parkes Geoff Alan Alan Smith Bernie Liddle Colin Parkes Dorothy Spencer



Northern Group

Alan Smith

Midland Group

Geoff Allen

Western Group

Jackie Parkes

Scottish Group

Dorothy Spencer

South Wales Group

Roy Whiffen

Barry Hogg

General Secretary

includes Membership

Graham Barclay

Terry Porter

Show Manager

Floral Manager

Richard Watson

Publications Manager

Ken Dear

Promotions Manager

John Peace

Dorothy Spencer


Roger Brownbridge

Ken-Dear_small Dorothy Spencer


Development Manager

Jim Vickerman



Barry Hogg