001 Best exhibit in show, Bentley Trophy, 12 mediu

National Chrysanthemum Society

2016 Early  Show

2016 Early Show

Photos of Class Winners

001 Ann Jones, 24a Cr raised by Ron Jones PD E

002 FC 1 C Vin Aldred 29d LB

003 DC 1 C Vin Aldred 29d Y

004 Barbara Dakin 25b LB Gordon Dowson

005 Dexter Chivers 29d LR Vin Aldred

006 Lilly Flo 29d OC W Larry Laver

007 Amelia Laver 29d OC W Larry Laver

008 Florrie Rose 29d DP Vin Aldred

009 Marion Couchman 25b W Don Horn PD E

010 Lilly Emily 25b W Don Horn PD E

011 Best vase large intermediate, Billy Bell, Denton Society

012 Best vase, large reflexed, Allyson Peace,, John and Allyson Peace

013 best vase medium intermediate and best vase in show, Rita Fox, John and Allyson Peace

014 Best vase incurves, Joyce Frieda, John and Allyson Peace

015 Best vase medium reflexed, John Wingfield, Jim Vickerman

016 Best vase sprays a or f, Kevan Godwin, Yellow Pennine Oriel

017 Best vase sprays section d and best vase of sprays in show, Southway Sorbet, Brian Moore

018 Best vase sprays b, c or e, Pink Talbot Parade, Jo Jenkins

019 Affiliated Societies Champions, Stoke on Trent Society

020 Roy Calladine Memorial Trophy, Denton Society

021 League, Stoke Festival Trophy, South Wilts

022 Frances and Wallace Farr Trophy, Stoke on Trent Society

023 National Champion for Large Early Chrysanthemums, Graham Barclay

024 Johnson Perpetual Challenge Trophy, Fred Waining

025 Brendan Pollard Perpetual Trophy, Fred Swabey

026 National Champions for Medium Early Chrysanthemums, John and Allyson Peace

027 Crick Perpetual Trophy, Jim Fennion

028 Medium Challenge Cup, David Groves

029 Syd Paine Trophy, Ian Martin

030 National Champions for Large and Medium Chrysanthemums and Exhibit of Most Merit in Show, John and Allyson Peace

031 John Peace Senior Memorial Trophy, Frankie Charlton

032 Bill Wade Memorial Trophy, Audrey and Malcolm Simpson

033 Intermediate Challenge Shield, Ian Martin

034 Tom Jones Piece of Plate, Ian Martin

035 Jack Oldham Memorial Trophy, George Proverbs

036 3 x 5 small flowered, Brian Sidebottom

037 Rushton Perpetual Trophy, Ian Martin

038 Western Group Trophy, Ken McDean

039 National Champion for Early Spray Chrysanthemums, Jo Jenkins

040 George Barker Perpetual Trophy, Kenneth Fowler

041 Corby Society Perpetual Trophy, Peter Gibbons

042 Terry Brook Memorial Trophy, Peter Gibbons

043 Individual Championship, John and Allyson Peace

044 Jimmy Draycott Memorial Trophy, Roger Collier

045 E T Thistle thwaite Perpetual Trophy, Lauren Postins

046 Individual Single Bloom Championship, Malcolm and Audrey Simpson

047 Individual Single Bloom Trophy, Brian Sidebottom

048 General shot of Show

049 General shot of Show

050 General shot of Show

051 General shot of Show

052 General shot of Show

053 General shot of Show

The photo gallery shows the winning exhibits from the early show at Stafford

They are numbered left to right all are named and there is a list of winners below.

Click an image for an exploded view.

(Please note the numbers are photographic order not order of merit)

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