001 Best exhibit in show, Bentley Trophy, 12 mediu

National Chrysanthemum Society

2015 Early & Late Shows

 2015 Early Show

12th & 13th September

001 Best vase in Show and Best vase medium reflex. Cream John Wingfield, John and Allyson Peace

002 Best vase large reflex, Pearl Celebration, John and Allyson Peace

003 Best vase large intermediate, Billy Bell, Alan Gardener, South Shields.

004 Best vase medium intermediate, Rita Fox, Frankie Charlton, South Tyneside.

005 Best vase incurves, Joyce Frieda, Ken McDean, Middlewich

006 Best vase sprays b,c or e, Pink Talbot Parade, Alan and Dorothy Nordstrom

007, Best vase sprays d and best vase sprays in show, Mary Aldred, Joe Jenkins, Holywell.

008 Best vase sprays, a or f, Pennine Oriel, Alan and Dorothy Nordstrom.

009 Class 1 Affiliated Societies Championship, South Wilts C and D Society

010 Class 2 Roy Calladine Memorial Trophy, South Wilts C and D Society

011 Class 10 Stoke Festival Trophy, Worksop Society

012 Class 12 Raisers class, Judy Dakin, Gordon Dowson, South Shields.

013 Class 15 Large Flowered Chamionship, Alan Gardener, South Shields

014 Class 17 Brendon Pollard Perpetual Trophy, Fred Swabey, Plymouth.

015 Class 21 Medium flowered championship and Bentley Trophy exhibit of most merit, John and Allyson Peace, Easington

016 Class 22 Crick Perpetual Challenge Cup, Roger Gulley, Plymouth

017 Class 23 Medium Challenge Cup, John and Christine Jozefow, Sheffield

018 Class 24 Syd Paine Trophy, John Stevenson, Leek

019 Class 29 Large and Medium flowered Championship, John and Allyson Peace, Easington.

020 Class 30 John Peace Senior Memorial Trophy, Frankie Charlton, South Tyneside

021 Class 31 Bill Wade Memorial Trophy, Malcolm and Audrey Simpson, Durham.

022 Class 32 Intermediate Challenge Shield, Kevan Godwin, Bucknall

023 Class 33 Tom Jones Piece of Plate, John Sheldon, Kimberley.

024 Class 34 Jack Oldham Memorial Trophy, Teifryn Pugh, Skewen

025 Class 36 3 vases c Brian Sidebottm, Leeds

026 Class 37 Rushton Perpetual Trophy, George Proverbs, Cheltenham

027 Class 38 Western Group Trophy, Ken McDean, Middlewich

028 Class 39, Spray Championship, Alan and Dorothy Nordstrom

029 Class 40, George Barker Perpetual Trophy, Mike Trott, Brighton

030 Class 41, Corby Society Perpetual Trophy, Geoff and Ann Allan, Darlaston.

031 Class 42 Terry Brook Memorial Trophy, Kenneth Fowler, Steepleclaydon

032 Class 49 Individual Championship, Ron and Margaret Jones, Clapham.

033 Class 50 Jimmy Draycott Memorial Trophy, David Groves, Co. Durham

034 Class 55 E T Thistlethwaite Memorial Trophy, Jim Osman, Southampton.

035 Class 67 Individual Single Bloom Championship, Malcolm and Audrey Simpson, Durham

036 Class 68 Individual Single Bloom Trophy, David Groves, Co. Durham

037 General view of show

038 Spray Championship class

039 General view

2015 Late Show

001 Unique Challenge Trophy, Swansea

002 Francis Parry, Swansea

003 Affiliated Society Challenge Shield, Worksop

004 Raisers Perpetual Trophy, John Nevill

005 Centenary Trophy, Ivor Mace

006 Holmes Memorial Trophy, Michael Potts

007 Keith Luxford, Barry Cundiff.

008 J H Goddard Challenge Cup, Ivor Mace

009 Richardson Challenge Cup, Rob Weekley

010 T F Pattison Perpetual Trophy, Dave Arnull

011 Medium Exhibition Perpetual Trophy, John Nevill.

012 Neal Perpetual Trophy, Ian Moss

013 Reg Waller Trophy, Alan Gobsill

014 Mixed Jap Trophy, Brian Sidebottom

015 Holmes Memorial Challenge Cup, Barry and Daphne Hogg

016 George and Gladys Hughes Perpetual Trophy,Harry Godden

017 Ted Whittock Memorial Trophy, Mike Higgins

018 George Prickett Challenge Trophy, Ron and Margaret Jones

019 Charles Luckin Challenge Trophy, John and Allyson Peace.

020 Levington Trophy, David Rhodes

021 Bill Holland Trophy, Norman Stevenson

022 Chrysanthemum Direct Trophy, Steve and Stella Joyce.

023 H Shoesmith Trophy, Ron Aldous

024 George Monro Challenge Cup, Ron Benfield

025 George Tarry Perpetual Trophy, Allen Munday

026 Cathedral Trophy, Audrey Simpson

027 Len Shoesmith Trophy, Steve and Stella Joyce

028 Harry Johnson  Perpetual Trophy, John Keeley.

029 Derek Bircumshaw Trophy, Steve Budding

030 Coronation Bowl, Mr and Mrs Barry Jackman.

031 Frank Rowe Challenge Trophy,  Chris Webber.

032 Eileen Barclay Trophy, Cliff and Jean Widdowson

034 Sylvia and Martyn Silver Salver, John Letts

035 Amberway Salver, Dave and Val Thorrington

036 The Trophy, Dave and Val Thorrington

037 Alf Raybould Silver Challenge Cup, Dave and Val Thorrington.

038 Medium Fantasy Cup, Dave and Val Thorrington

039 Fantasy Cup, Dave and Val Thorrington.

040 Red Ken Trophy, Ron Benfield

041 Class 93, Teifryn Pugh

042 Best vase large exhibition and best vase in show, Amber Gigantic, Ivor Mace.

043 Best vase medium exhibition, Trident, Roger Brownbridge

044 Best vase incurves, Bryony Wade, Ron Aldous.

045 Best vase medium reflex, Coral Pat Millar, Swansea Society

046 Best vase large reflex, Riley's Dynasty, John and Allyson Peace

047 Best vase large intermediates, Bronze William Florentine, Steve and Stella Joyce

048 Best vase medium intermediates, Roy Coopland, Steve and Stella Joyce.

049 Best vase Anemones, Apricot Mundial, Mike Shepherd

050 Best vase medium singles, Louise Cox, Allen Munday

051 Best vase large singles, Woolmans Glory, Ron Benfield.

052 Best fantasy, Senkyo Jonetsu, Dave and Val Thorrington

053 Best vase prays b, c or e and best vase sprays overall, Robeam, Chris Webber.

054 Best vase sprays, a, d or f Cream Ryski, Chris Webber.

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